A Failed Venture

A Failed Venture

Activate Your Body's Energy

Chakra Activation

My story began a few months back. I was losing money in business venture because of vasex chat room help me do my homeworkrious reasons. Suffice to say, my wife was very concerned, because our savings were being depleted, and we were re-paying a couple of loans here and there; we also had prior arguments because she didn’t agree with my business decisions. At the same time, probably due to stress, I felt that I was not feeling well in that period; I was having sustained bouts of cough and cold, and headaches etc.

An Unexpected Recommendation

So when my business folded, and it was like the whole world crashed and shattered. I had invested heavily in the company, and now it was all gone. Penniless and a pauper, with mortgage and other debts, with our marriage was on the rocks. I was losing sleep and weight too!

My cousin heard about what happened and dropped by our home. At that time a bank rep was questioning me about the payments, and I was badly stressed out by it. After the rep left, the cousin pulled me aside, “You look really bad.”

After she listened to my story, she said my chakras were topsy-turvy, and needed some sort of healing NOW, like how she received help from chakra healing too.

First of all, I have never heard of chakra in my life, much less know that it was potentially crucial for my situation. It really sounded like hocus pocus to me, but since she is my cousin, I took the leap of faith for this Chakra Activation System she recommended. Thankfully it was priced at an affordable guarantee, and she insisted that I have to get my health back immediately.


I read up on this ebook, and then realized that what she said about my root chakra was right down to the details. The root chakra lays down the firm foundation for this ancient art healing system, which is being revealed as cracked, because of both my health and financial states.

While I undertook the necessary steps to heal my root chakra, I decided to also work on all the 7 chakras for the total makeover for myself; I also roped in my wife in order to heal our strained relations. With Stephanie Mulac’s clear instructions, we were able to activate our chakras. Although it still took some time of healing, it was as if a veil was removed from our limited sight, and we can now see a clearer picture.

Total Recovery And Gratitude

Now, I feel absolutely healthy, brimming with confidence and raring to go. I am liaising with a mentor and some (hopefully reliable) business partners. I am practicing caution in my planning, and implementing some stuff at the moment. My wife is also more involved in decision making, and I am also making sure the foundation of our family is laid well. I now know the need to be fully grounded in my root chakra in order to supplement the other chakras as well.

Besides the main ebook, Stephanie also provided a Chakra Money Meditation guide and this 7 Yoga Positions That Heal And Tune Your Chakras. Both were equally useful to me, with the first allowing us to better shape our money and wealth mindset, and the second enhancing our health for a more conscientious lifestyle.

While I still feel that I can still up my level in chakra mastery, I wish to thank Stephanie Mulac for imparting her expert knowledge to me. Thank you!


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